Traffic and Parking

Traffic and Parking in St Mark’s Road

With the support of our local councillors we’re working with B&NES to reduce the risk of accidents in the very busy St. Mark’s Road cul-de-sac.
A number of us met with the Council’s key parking officials towards the end of 2014 to discuss the issues and possible solutions with the objectives of:

  1. Reducing the volume of traffic entering the road which isn’t generated by Zone 3 residents and Community Centre users so as to reduce the risk to the very high number of pedestrians who use it.
  2. Better meeting the parking and drop-off needs of local residents and the users of the Centre.
  3. Being enforceable.

Having heard our concerns the Parking Team are developing proposals to minimise the number of drivers coming into the road seeking free parking who are neither residents/visitors nor users of the Community Centre.
Once we’ve received these proposals we’ll share them with everyone. However, please do contact Keith at 7 St Mark’s Road or email if you have any queries, thoughts or suggestions in the meantime.


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