Who We Are

Until February 2018 widcombewest was an officially constituted community group. Because we held a bank account, we were required to elect officers and hold an annual AGM. The agenda and minutes from previous years are posted at the bottom of this page. This year instead of the AGM we held an Extraordinary General Meeting to address issues concerning widcombewest continuing in its official capacity.

Purpose of Extraordinary General Meeting

The meeting was held primarily to deal with the proposal to discontinue widcombewest as a formal organisation with a constitution, elected officers and an audited bank account, due to the difficulty in finding local residents willing to stand for office and fulfil the requirements of the constitution.
It was also proposed that the widcombewest bank account should be closed and the cash funds held by Annette on trust, provided that an annual reconciliation of funds be informally presented to supporters.
These proposals were passed unanimously, so widcombewest is now simply an informal group of local residents who are happy to get together for social events and for helping to keep our area of Bath looking good.

Join the widcombewest Community Group

We don’t charge subscriptions or have official membership. Interested residents can enroll on our mailing list for regular updates, and anyone is welcome to join in our activities. The modest funds needed for publications, printing costs and so on are raised by the occasional raffle at social events. For copies of minutes of past meetings and other important documents, see the bottom of this page.

Meet the team

The core widcombewest team hasn’t changed but now we no longer hold any official constitutional roles.

sgreenSylvia Green

Formerly widcombewest Co-Chair
Sylvia is retired and concerned with neighbourhood upkeep.
She lives on Calton Gardens.
Email: Sylvia Green


S0034013Ruth Herrlinger

Formerly widcombewest Secretary
She is involved in communications and co-manages the widcombewest.uk website and also organizing events. Ruth is a German translator working from home and lives on Calton Walk.
Email: Ruth Herrlinger

Annette photoAnnette van Maurik
Formerly widcombewest Treasurer
Annette moved to Bath from London in November 2014 and is enjoying getting  involved with local projects and events.
She lives on Lyncombe Hill.
Email: Annette Van Maurik


Jane Moss
Lower Wells Road representative

tanya jackson
Tanya Jackson
St. Mark’s Community Centre representative
Tanya and family moved into St Marks Road in 2011. She works at Buro Happold Consulting Engineers, where she leads major projects (most recently, the London 2012 Olympic Stadium).  She became Treasurer for the Community Centre in April 2014 to support the local community.


Alex and CaraAlex Sykes
Planning matters and St. Mark’s Community Centre Trustee.
Alex and Cara have lived on St Mark’s Road since 2007. As an architect, has a keen interest in the streetscape, the community centre and its surroundings.

Mary Sheehy
Email and Website Contributor
Mary and her family have lived in Calton Gardens since 2005. She is managing email communications.

Jo Bridger
Email and Website Contributor
Jo has lived on St Mark’s Road since 2009 and is training as a Nutritional Therapist. She is helping with email communications and website updates.


Constitution of widcombewest 26062016

WW EGM 08.02.18 Minutes

WW AGM 24.05.17 Minutes

WW AGM 15.06.16 Minutes

ARCH Constitution

ARCH AGM 2014 Minutes

ARCH AGM 2015 Final Minutes