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widcombewest comprises residents living in the West Widcombe area, which roughly encompasses Calton Road, Calton Walk and Calton Gardens, Holloway, the lower part of Lyncombe Hill, St. Mark’s Road, Alexandra Road and the Lower Wells Road. These areas and their history are described in more detail on their own pages. While the focus of each area may differ slightly for geographical reasons, our projects, activities, and concerns and communications are joint efforts with the common underlying aim of making this area of Bath an attractive, enjoyable and sustainable place to live. To find out more, email us at info@widcombewest.uk.

We provide a platform for airing and tackling neighbourhood concerns such as the management of Beechen Cliff, Road Safety, living in harmony with all our neighbours, planning applications and any issues of general interest that arise.

We like to keep our area looking good. We hold neighbourhood upkeep activities such as litter picks which are rewarding and also sociable. In the winter, we help organise the distribution of grit. We also encourage residents to look out for vulnerable elderly neighbours in cold weather.

There has been a lively interest in Community Gardening, making our area more liveable for us as well as bees and pollinators, and many of us are also interested in Green Living and saving energy.

And finally, being part of widcombewest means a chance to get to know your neighbours. We organise  social get-togethers, open gardens events and street parties in the summer, very often in the St Mark’s Community centre in the heart of our neighbourhood. All are welcome to join any of our activities, and we will provide support if you have new ideas.

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5 thoughts on “Home

  1. Hi there

    Do you have any information or knowledge about Jack Allen who ran a cafe at 7 Holloway from the end of WW1 and through WW2? I know the cafe was demolished in 1963, but I’d love to know more about the man who owned and ran it after taking it over from his father “Coffee” Allen in 1918.

    Thanks so much!



    • Hi Louise, sorry for slow response. Have requested that you are added to our mailing list so hopefully we’ll see you at our next event 6.30pm 12 May at St Marks for plant sale and social


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