Improving Widcombe

Suggestions were made for Improving Widcombe at the inaugural Widcombe Association project meeting, held on 16th December 2014.
You will see from the notes from the meeting that suggested improvements have, for practical reasons, been grouped into activities relating to ‘People’, ‘Purpose’ or ‘Place’ so that the limited resources available to the Association can be focussed most effectively.

It is the intention that ARCH shall:

  • keep members informed about the Improving Widcombe project by circulating the WA minutes of meetings and any related notices; and
  • provide members with the opportunity to make additional suggestions as to how Widcombe could be improved and/or to take an active part in developing or implementing ideas for improvement.

If you would like to make suggestions for Improving Widcombe (and ‘Widcombe’ includes all of the ARCH area and much more!) or would like to participate actively in any capacity at all please contact ARCH committee members or contact the Widcombe Association directly. Now is the time to get your voice heard whilst the project plans are at the development stage.


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