Sun shines on second widcombewest Open Gardens evening

We could not have been luckier with the weather at our second widcombewest Open Gardens evening on Thursday May 12th. Four local residents had offered to open up their gardens for the evening.

Chewing the fat in Ruth's garden in Calton Walk

Chewing the fat in Ruth’s garden in Calton Walk

The evening wasn’t about winning awards or showing off prize dahlias, but really to provide new ideas about just what works and what can be done in our small urban outdoor spaces. There’s plenty that can be achieved to encourage wildlife and pollinators by giving some thought to bee-friendly planting.


Brian and Andrew's bijou garden in Calton Walk

Brian and Andrew’s bijou garden in Calton Walk


Upwards of 35 visitors came out to enjoy an evening stroll around the locality, glass of Prosecco in hand, chat to neighbours about all things horticultural and put the world to rights generally. The last few hard core visitors lingered on in one of the gardens well after dark to continue the conversation by candlelight.




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