Cycle Store

St Mark’s Road Community Cycle Store

On 5th October, the proposal to build a cycle store for twenty bicycles in the grounds of the Community Centre was granted planning permission. The project has promises of £6,000 in funding, so the next step is to secure that funding and set up an appropriate mechanism to commission the construction works.  It is anticipated that volunteer labour will be required to support the project, so watch this space for requests for community support!

From Gary Manning at 18 St. Mark’s Road

I have to hold my hand up straight away at having a vested interest at this point as carrying my bike down from my garden shed and through the house has not encouraged me to cycle as much as I would have liked over the past couple of years. So after various conversations with other St Mark’s residents the idea of a  secure cycle store in the grounds of St Mark’s Community Centre was born.

After a slow start the project has now begun to gather momentum. We now have approval from the Community Centre to site the store in the deconsecrated churchyard. We have had an informal meeting with John Davey, the senior conservation office for BANES, who believes the scheme is sound and he has proved very helpful in guiding us through the planning challenges that we may face. Our local councillors, Ian Gilchrist and Nigel Roberts, are behind us and there is even an opportunity to receive some funding from the council for the construction
At present we are looking to design a secure store to hold up to 20 adult bikes with a smaller area set aside for children’s bikes. We thought that there should be an annual subscription of about £20 for an adult bike to ensure that the limited spaces that are available will be sought after and used, with a nominal £5 subscription for a children’s bike. This will also help to give St Mark’s additional funds that it so obviously needs. Currently I have 15 adult bikes provisionally booked in, there’s space for more so if you are interested in having any space in the store please let me know as soon as possible.

We want this to be an inclusive community project and are open to all suggestions. Any advice and help that anyone can give us, especially regarding funding would be very welcome. Our timetable is ambitious, we want to have the store built and working before the summer so that we can all enjoy its benefits.

Please contact Alex , Tanya or  Garry and we will very happy to chat through any thoughts that you may have.


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