Open gardens despite the rain

Umbrellas all round

Umbrellas all round

Persistent rain was not enough to dampen the spirits of the determined ‘Open Garden’ visitors who came to see how three residents have recently made their back gardens look so attractive and provide a real welcome for wildlife. Successes and failures, pests and problems were all discussed, yet the over-riding response to having created the gardens was one of immense enjoyment, whether it was weeding, pruning or simply relaxing with a glass or two.

Luckily there was a sizeable awning!

Luckily there was a sizeable awning!

A further Open Garden event may well be organised for later this summer and a ‘plant swap’ event in the autumn and/or next spring is being discussed. If you think you might like to open your garden – remember this is about exchanging ideas and information, not a competition – please get in touch at

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