Your support for Beechen Cliff Local Green Space

We’ve been asked to share the email below:

A year ago, supported by over 400 people, by the local councillors for Lyncombe and Widcombe, and by several relevant organisations*, we submitted a proposal for the Council to designate the lower playing field at Beechen Cliff School a Local Green Space – a new classification where there is a presumption against development. The field makes a remarkable open space, a fantastic amenity for games and exercise on one of the few flatter areas in the neighbourhood, well used and valued by the local community, school youngsters and visitors. It’s also a key piece of the extensive green areas on this Bath hilltop, whose historical importance goes back to Jane Austen and beyond.

The Council have turned down our proposal – but apparently on a technical misunderstanding, thinking wrongly that a school site cannot be designated, and omitting it from the Placemaking Plan (now under consultation). We are objecting to this, and have asked our MP and councillors for Lyncombe and Widcombe to support us.  The field will only become a Local Green Space if it is in the Placemaking Plan, which will then go to public inquiry when a Government Inspector will make the decision.

Email the Council on (model letter attached, but do vary if you wish), urging that the Inspector set aside this part of the Plan and that the Beechen Cliff Local Green Space be designated (cc your councillor and opengreenspace).  Your email/letter must arrive with the Council by 5 pm on Wed 3 February.

Please forward this email to your friends and neighbours and encourage them to take part: we need all the support we can get!

*Supporting organisations: The Widcombe Association, the Bath Preservation Trust, the National Trust, the Bath branch of the Ramblers’ Association, the Federation of Bath Residents’ Associations, the Cotswolds Conservation Board (within whose setting the green space is situated) and the Somerset Playing Fields Association.

Email addresses you may need: (to respond formally to the consultation: be sure to include your name and address, which are needed for the response to be valid)

Ben Howlett (MP):

Jasper Becker (Cllr):

Michael Norton (Cllr):

Mark Shelford (Cllr):

Ian Gilchrist (Cllr):

Open Green Space:

I also attach below a copy of the main parts of last year’s application, so that you can see the case that we made to the Council.

M Dolan

Model Letter

Local Green Space Application


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