Another Excellent Christmas lunch!

Another Excellent Christmas lunch!

A huge thank you to everyone who came along and made this year’s Christmas lunch such a success. We’re so glad so many of you could make it. A big thank you to Pip Weaver, Jon Gore and David Stares from the Orchestra of Everything for their festive entertainment.

Thank you also to Dave for his mulling expertise – the mulled wine and cider was very popular.

We made a wonderful £111 from the raffle, which will help to fund future Widcombewest events. Well done to the children who diligently sold tickets and announced the winning numbers!

A special thanks to Annette for organising us all, printing the leaflets, purchasing the supplies needed and hosting our planning meeting at her house.

There’s plenty of space at St Mark’s Community Centre so we hope even more of you can make it next year. If you’d like to get involved in organising future Widcombewest events, please do get in touch.

Structural Changes to widcombewest

Until February 2018 widcombewest was an officially constituted community group. Because we held a bank account, we were required to elect officers and hold an annual AGM. This year instead of the AGM we held an Extraordinary General Meeting to address issues concerning widcombewest continuing in its official capacity.

Purpose of Extraordinary General Meeting

The meeting was held primarily to deal with the proposal to discontinue widcombewest as a formal organisation with a constitution, elected officers and an audited bank account, due to the difficulty in finding local residents willing to stand for office and fulfill the requirements of the constitution.
It was also proposed that the widcombewest bank account should be closed and the cash funds held by former treasurer Annette on trust, provided that an annual reconciliation of funds be informally presented to supporters.
These proposals were passed unanimously, so widcombewest is now simply an informal group of local residents who are happy to get together for social events and for helping to keep our area of Bath looking good.

Join the widcombewest Community Group

We don’t charge subscriptions or have official membership. Interested residents can enroll on our mailing list for regular updates, and anyone is welcome to join in our activities. The modest funds needed for publications, printing costs and so on are raised by the occasional raffle at social events.

The core widcombewest team hasn’t changed but now we no longer hold any official constitutional roles.

For more information visit

or email us on info@widcombewest