St Marks Community Centre

community centreThe St Mark’s Community Centre is a de-consecrated listed Victorian Church which provides a venue for a range of activities including the Acorns pre-school group, Zenith youth theatre and dance classes. In addition over the last few years the Centre has become a focal point for many local community events, including annual barbecues and Christmas lunches, film nights, children’s birthday parties, local history talks and community Ceilidhs.
The centre is a registered charity, 1160276, under the stewardship of a number of Trustees.  The day-to-day operations are undertaken by a Management Committee, which consists of (as a minimum) a chairman, secretary, treasurer and bookings secretary, with a number of local residents joining the committee as community representatives.  Currently, Tanya Jackson serves as treasurer.

St Mark’s Community Centre Trustees

The St Marks Community Centre is pleased to confirm the appointment of additional trustees to strengthen the leadership team:

  • Phillippa Glynn has a law background but is taking a career break as she raises a young family in Widcombe
  • Gill Kirk works in stakeholder management, lives in Widcombe Parade, and has a son who has just started school
  • Helen Peter is a long-term resident of St Marks Road with a wealth of local knowledge and connections
  • Alex Sykes is an architect living in St Marks Road who is particularly interested in the fabric of the building

They join Chris Jones (chair and booking secretary), Tanya Jackson (treasurer) Amy Lunt (secretary) and Dena (who runs the Acorns pre-school) to form a trustee group of eight, charged with providing strategic direction for the community centre, and making major decisions regarding expenditure and usage.  The trustees met for the first time in September 2015 and shared their thoughts and visions for the future of the centre; already they are commissioning a quinquennial survey of the building fabric, aiming to resolve historic issues regarding the exact nature of the freehold, and considering how to support the installation of the community Cycle Store.


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