Neighbourhood Upkeep

litterpick2We regularly organise upkeep projects involving neighbours and members of the community to help keep our neighbourhood neat and tidy.

These include litter-picks, shrub trimming and clearance, as well as looking after our local playground.

snowSnow and Ice

Gritting Bins

None of our residential roads is routinely gritted in winter by BANES; main roads, bus routes and important roads are prioritised. Pedestrian routes are only gritted in severe weather conditions and where footfall is high.

Some residents hold a store of gritting salt provided by the council which can be shared if need arises.

The winter gritting routes and grit locations are shown at

There are six Grit Bins in the ARCH and St Mark’s Road areas; they are located:

– by no. 47 Holloway
– by the steps leading to no. 50 Holloway
– by the bench on the path leading to the Claverton Road subway
– at the start of St Mark’s Road
– at the start of Alexandra Road
– near the junction of Calton Road and Alexandra Road

For bins that need re-filling or for problems caused by snow and ice contact Council Connect or report a problem at


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